Series: Holland in the 1950s

This is the third series we’re examining from the 1950s Raumbild-Verlag Siegfried Brandmüller “Europa” boxed set. Like “Denmark” before it, this series isn’t about the country in general (besides one obligatory windmill photograph seemingly taken through a car window), let alone being about The Netherlands on the whole. Rather than being about Holland in general, this series is focused almost entirely on Amsterdam. Not to say that this is a bad thing, but it does leave the viewer wondering what else there is to Holland, and to The Netherlands, beyond this one city. And even in terms of portraying Amsterdam, this has the feeling of “let’s drive to Amsterdam, taking a windmill stereophotograph on the way, and then walk around for two hours before heading home”. It’s quite homogenous.

But like “Greece“, our second foray into post-Nazi-era Raumbild, this series is quite well shot, even if a bit one-note. As seems to be the trademark of later-period Raumbild, there are a lot of wide shots that are well composed and exposed, but which display little stereoscopic effect. It’s visible through the Raumbild viewer, somewhat visible through the anaglyphs, and noticeable in free-viewing the images below, but it does not pop the way that Nazi-era Raumbild views tend to. Nevertheless, it’s a nice little set – let’s take a stroll around Amsterdam, and see what we shall see:


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