Remembrance Day 2021: Colonials, Hospitals & Command by Cl. Gueidan

So it’s been a minute. Actually, it’s been nearly a year since my last blog post; I hope my readership will understand. It’s been a busy time. I’m now managing Great War in 3D, the home-base of the Jordan/Ference Collection. A few days ago, on Remembrance Sunday, we launched our searchable image gallery, including almost 5,000 items from the physical collection. The collection has grown so large that my wife and I had to move from our beloved Brooklyn out to Flushing, Queens to double our square footage. I’ve begun work on two Master’s degrees (Library Science and History). I was considering abandoning the blog full-stop, but it’s something I really enjoy – when I have time. And so I’m back for Remembrance Day, with some stunning work from on Cl. Gueidan.

Cl. Gueidan and his Themes

Who is Cl. Gueidan? Well, as of yet, I’m not rightly sure. I’d been narrowing down some research on a figure whose death on 28 September 1915 at the Second Battle of Champagne correlates with the dates on these slides. Then I cross-referenced with the Valois Albums. Sadly, my guy was ruled out – the Cl. Gueidan who took these images continued taking flat photos – and presumably, stereoviews as well – until 1917 at least. So why choose this particular collection for Remembrance Day?

The quality of the stereography is remarkable. Even though these are on 45×107 plates (and, by clues on the stereoviews, were taken in this format), they are superlative. Gueidan focused on a wide range of subjects, and the 148 slides I was able to obtain show the breadth of his work. Marsouins (colonial marines), High Command, the clergy, and hospital scenes are all prominent. But take a look at Gueidan’s take on High Command scenes – they almost seem shot-from-the-hip. Was he supposed to have taken these? Some of the images show what appear to be his comrades, and none of these bear captions. Is it possible that the images he made for the SPA and this body of work are distinct? Sadly, this is currently unknown.

What is certain is that Gueidan was remarkably talented, and that I consider myself lucky to acquire these images. But enough yapping, it’s Remembrance Day, and you’re here for the images. Unlike the three preceding years, there will not be 100+ images today, only those that I’ve so far gotten to. Again, incredibly busy. But I hope you enjoy. As always, stereoviews are above, anaglyphs are below.

The Stereoviews


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  1. Wow, you are correct Ian, these are impressive photographs. Interesting subject matter, good use of 3D and good framing. Joffre, Kitchener, Foch, Balfour…he must have been in some sort of official capacity- or perhaps an aid to Joffre? I don’t know how else he could have had the opportunity to photograph men at this level of responsibility on multiple occasions.

    It is interesting that the Argonne photos are not really trench warfare- and in none of them is anyone wearing a helmet. I think they started being issued in 1915, which fits with the dates on some of the photos.

    Thanks for the post, and good luck with school.

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