Anaglyph Gallery

Anaglyph Gallery 1
Covering the founding of this blog through 10 November 2018
Anaglyph Gallery 2
…up through 22 November 2018
Anaglyph Gallery 3
…up through 8 December 2018
Anaglyph Gallery 4
…up through 24 December 2018
Anaglyph Gallery 5
…up through 4 June 2019
Anaglyph Gallery 6
…up through 14 July 2019
Anaglyph Gallery 7
…up through 20 July 2019
Anaglyph Gallery 8
…up through 18 August 2019
Anaglyph Gallery 9
…up through 15 September 2019
…a special edition featuring amateur stereography taken during and directly after the Great War. From the 2019 Remembrance Day post.
…up through 1 May 2020

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  1. Enjoyed seeing anaglyph-gallery-6/#jp-carousel-2703 age of the old iron railroad bridge at Letchworth State Park in NY along the Genesee river. The Iron bridge replaced a wooden bridge that burned down. The iron bridge has been torn down and replaced by a new bridge of concrete and steel in the last 5 years

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