Anaglyph Gallery

Anaglyph Gallery 1
Covering the founding of this blog through 10 November 2018
Anaglyph Gallery 2
…up through 22 November 2018
Anaglyph Gallery 3
…up through 8 December 2018
Anaglyph Gallery 4
…up through 24 December 2018
Anaglyph Gallery 5
…up through 4 June 2019
Anaglyph Gallery 6
…up through 14 July 2019
Anaglyph Gallery 7
…up through 20 July 2019
Anaglyph Gallery 8
…up through 18 August 2019
Anaglyph Gallery 9
…up through 15 September 2019
…a special edition featuring amateur stereography taken during and directly after the Great War. From the 2019 Remembrance Day post.
…up through 1 May 2020

3 Replies to “Anaglyph Gallery”

  1. Enjoyed seeing anaglyph-gallery-6/#jp-carousel-2703 age of the old iron railroad bridge at Letchworth State Park in NY along the Genesee river. The Iron bridge replaced a wooden bridge that burned down. The iron bridge has been torn down and replaced by a new bridge of concrete and steel in the last 5 years

  2. I am impressed by the tremendous work that has gone into the compilation and elaboration of this WEB page (not yet finished, as I have deduced).
    I would like to congratulate you and thank you for showing us these historic galleries, which have marked the future of Europe and which we would not be able to see without your effort, passion and dedication.
    I think it’s a tribute to those who have gone before us in very difficult times.
    Thank you very much for this superb work.

    All the best

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