Series: Greece in the 1950s

There’s really not a lot to say about “Greece”, another installment in Raumbild-Verlag Siegfried Brandmüller’s “Europa” boxed set. The photographer assigned to capture this ancient country traveled somewhat more extensively than the photographer who captured “Denmark”, and as such, more than a single city is pictured. However, as with most stereoviews themed around Greece, the focus is decidedly on ruins, as if there is no modern nation going by that name. There’s a cool aerial view of Athens, and a single view which features the library – still in use when these were taken. There are even a few people scattered about. “Greece” is enjoyable enough, if a bit one note:

Bild nr. 1: “Santorin Island. Scala ascending to Phira capital”
Bild nr. 2: “Athens. Acropolis, the Parthenon seen from the west”
Bild nr. 3: “Athens. Pinakothek on the Acropolis”
Bild nr. 4: “‘Door of Lions’ (1500 B. C.) Entrance to the castle a Mycenes”
Bild nr. 5: “Olympia. Remnants of Zeus temple”
Bild nr. 6: “Olympia. The northern doorway of the stadion [sic]”
Bild nr. 7: “Remnants of the theatre in ancient Corinth”
Bild nr. 8: “Athens, Bird’s view of the city”
Bild nr. 9: “Athens, Library”
Bild nr. 10: “Athos (Hagion Oros). Monk”

Pretty much what you’d expect from a small Raumbild set from Greece. Not a lot of the contemporary society; I wish there was more. A lot of gorgeous ruins. A great portrait of a monk. As with all Raumbild, easily parallel-viewed; also great as…


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