Series: Denmark in the 1950s

In 1960, Raumbild-Verlag Siegfried Brandmüller released a box set entitled “Europa”, featuring short a number of short series on a number of countries. This one, entitled “Denmark”, should really be titled “Copenhagen”, as every image in the series is taken in that city. The quality of the images is varied; some are wonderfully composed and have a great stereoscopic effect. Some are poorly composed. Some have poor stereoscopic effect. One is a night photo, which don’t often work well stereographically unless printing very carefully from a perfect negative. In any case, it’s a wonderful time capsule on the city over half a century ago – enjoy!

Oh, and nota bene: in order to demonstrate the wild variation in printing which is characteristic of Raumbild-Verlag under both Brandmüller and Otto Schönstein before him, these are all scanned at exactly the same size – so compare the borders as you look at the stereo pairs to see the numerous odd printing defects on these cards. Not that this makes them any less enjoyable – it’s just interesting (to stereography nerds like myself).

The Stereoviews

Bild nr. 1: “Memorial dedicated to the navy casualties during world war II, 1939-1945, new-port”
Bild nr. 2: “Monument of the little nymph”
Bild nr. 3: “View across the harbor, new-port”
Bild nr. 4: “The royal guard at Amalienburg-castle”
Bild nr. 5: “The old boulevard with fishmarket”
Bild nr. 6: “View of the old strand (harbor)”
Bild nr. 7: “Royal palace “Amaliensburg”, Copenhavn”
Bild nr. 8: “Gefion-fountain”
Bild nr. 9: “Main railroad terminal in Copenhavn”
Bild nr. 10: “‘Tivoli’ illominated”


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