One-shot #25: A Real Clown and His Trick Dog

Here’s another “special” Keystone card, reminiscent of “42 – Evaporating Salt Brine by Steam to Obtain Salt, Ithaca, N.Y.” While that card was part of the 600-card “Visual Education” series from 1917, and contained no letter in its frontal sequence designation, this “P6” card contains very similar quality language on the back – that is to say, it’s clearly written for children. Here’s the front:

Keystone View Company #34398, “A Real Clown and His Trick Dog.” Designation P6 in an unknown set.

And here’s the back:

Reverse of above card.

Rather silly, and sadly lacking in context (Who was the clown? Where and when was this taken?) – but at least it contains a real clown, not to mention his trick dog! I love vintage circus and carnival imagery (one of my dream items unrelated to the Great War is “Grock lacht über Grock“), so as a cheap combined-shipping add-on to a pile of Great War cards I got, I still consider this a win – but I wish I knew anything about the actual scene pictured.


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