Series: Artist, Studio, and Art Model

Not sure what to make of these three 6×13 glass stereoviews that were included with a viewer I just purchased. They’re very well preserved, and seem to have been taken by someone with an accomplished eye for stereography – whether amateur or professional isn’t clear. The emulsions are about as intact as any glass plate stereoviews I’ve come by. Whether these were a personal commission of the artist pictured, or part of some commercial set, I’m unsure – but they’re quite nice, quality-wise, so I thought I’d scan and post them before bagging them and filing them into my random “Non-Great-War Glass” box until whenever I look through it next.

The studio.
The artist.
The artist playfully “painting” the art model.

And that’s it. Beyond that, no ideas – no context, no timeframe, no real narrative. Just a couple of pretty pictures that came as a bonus with another Unis scope for my scope collection.


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