One-shot #16: Post-War Ypres

Being incredibly crunched for time working on a presentation for [an organization I am no longer associated with] on Tuesday (“100 Years of Remembrance”), I haven’t the time to do another large blog post today – but I thought I’d share a lovely stereoview that differs from most of what has been displayed here in an important regard:

“Ypres ~ Juillet 1919 ~ ruines de la halle aux drapiers” (“Ypres ~ July 1919 ~ ruins of the Clothes Hall”), on 45×107 glass positive from Verascope Richard. Courtesy of the Jordan/Ference Collection.

The caption on this stereo slide acknowledges that this is a post-war photograph, showing the lasting damage of four-and-a-half years of devastation through the region. While much of Belgium was rebuilt after the war, many individual buildings were too far gone – this is likely one of those. The war may have effectively ended on 11th November 1918, but the struggle to rebuild continued in earnest until the Second World War, and then was begun again. Here is this view in anaglyph form:

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