One-shot #10: Cramped Quarters

So today’s post is, in a sense, going to be brief so that tomorrow’s may be of the length I’ve been planning, and working on, for days. As it turns out, just like this trench full of German soldiers, marching towards their surrender point, in today’s featured stereoview, my hard drive is full to bursting. A sudden slowdown in my internet connection starting with some massive file transfers yesterday has rendered it almost impossible to continue scanning glass – it takes about 20-25 minutes to create a 3GB .DNG file, and it’s taking upwards of an hour to upload it to the cloud! This means that, with the hard drive already full, and the internet suddenly running slow, I have to clear space as I work, which has slowed me down immensely. I feel on the verge of surrendering, as these fellows already did:

“Vauxhaillon. Allemands venant se rendre.” (“Vauxhaillon. Germans coming to surrender.”) On 6×13 glass plate positive by LSU, courtesy of the Jordan/Ference Collection.

But I will not – I’ll soldier on, and have tomorrow’s post ready by the hour of the Armistice. Meanwhile, enjoy the above easily free-viewable (parallel method) stereoview, or the anaglyph here:


Damn newfangled technology.

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