Tru-Vue (in Bulk)


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So you’re looking to bulk up your Tru-Vue filmstrip collection? You’ve come to the right place! Buy as many as you like right here. Each filmstrip comes boxed and inspected – to the following extent: I pull it out to ensure its completeness, and visually look for any serious problems (broken sprocket holes, big scratches, etc). So no duds here – but no rarities either; these will be hand-picked and sold separately. This is intended for people who are just starting their collections – serious collectors probably already have a pile of “A Night at the Carnival” and “The Ice Follies” filmstrips themselves.

But if you’re new at this, this is a good place to start. Up to 25 films, and I’ll guarantee no duplicates. More than 25 films, and I can make no such guarantee.

And no Depth Photography. Those are sold separately.


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