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Please note that these are all Raumbild-Verlag Otto Schönstein stereoviews created between 1936-1945. If you don’t know the implications of these German-made stereoviews, you might want to read the linked article on the company before investing in a few of them; although none of these come from the very controversial sets, they’re still of their time.

I’m currently running a sale on eBay, in which I have listed “1,000+” Raumbild views from assorted sets. There are at least 1,100 in the box – meaning that while I wait around ignoring peoples’ offers for absurdly low prices (I’d settle for $1,000 on eBay, or $900 through backchannels, but no, I won’t take $500), I can skim a few – and the eventual winner’s sluggishness is your potential gain.

Just like everything else in the Bulk section, these are randomly selected, but I will check the individual Bilder before I pack them to ensure that yours are in good shape and well printed. If you’ve been curious about Raumbild, but not curious enough to drop several hundred (or more) on one of their bound volumes, here’s a chance to grab a handful for a low price. If you order a bunch of them, I’ll make sure you get samples from a number of different sets!


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