Boot Sale

Welcome to the shady back-alley marketplace of Brooklyn Stereography. Here, you will find all sorts of scoundrels. Wheelers-and-dealers trying to make a quick buck before disappearing into the shadows. Dapper gentlemen, slowly puffing on un-tipped Gauloises, stand nonchalantly against doorways; best not approach them. They’re probably fruit market racketeers and low-level ne’er-do-wells. Don’t even look in their direction. Just keep walking.

Get to the end of the alley. There’s a boot sale going on! Maybe some good buys to be found? It’s not looking promising. A broken toaster here, some expired potted meat over there. A series of 16mm film reels labeled “The Daleks’ Master Plan”. What is that, some kind of dumb kids’ show? Some poorly knitted sweaters; a VIC-20 computer console; a collection of framed photographs of Pauly Shore. Maybe you should just head home?

But then there’s that beat-up jalopy off in the corner with the strange guy standing by it. He seems a bit queer, what with his anaglyphic glasses, his strange objects for sale, and his penchant for rambling for long intervals about antiquarian gobbledygook. Let’s go talk to this guy, and see what he’s peddling today…

The Boot Sale is the section of the market devoted to thinning out my overly-bulky stereography collection by punting some things I don’t need. Many of the items featured will likely be one-offs, as they’re things that are clogging up my apartment, and which I don’t need enough to post them off for storage. So more or less, when I run out, they’re gone – though of course, some of them will frequently be replenished by various boxed lots and such that I come by.